Insinger CA-3 and the Champion PP28 Pots and Pans Washer Review

Pot DishwasherWhen I was in need of a pot-and-pans washer, I wanted a machine that was tough enough to stand up to the punishment that my outfit would dish out. I had narrowed my choice down to two machines: Insinger CA-3 and the Champion PP-28. Here’s what I found out about these machines:

The Insinger CA-3 was a tough machine with some pretty good features. It was a single-rack job that could handle around 25 racks per hour. I also liked the fact that it was a straight-through design, which means that the pots and pans go in one end and come out the other; a feature that was ideal for my operation. It also came with over/under washing arms, a feature that is pretty much standard among dishwasher machines these days. Nevertheless, the Insinger made a pretty good case for itself.

However, the Champion PP28 had all those features and more. In addition to being able to clean 25 racks of grungy pots and pans per hour, the champion’s powerful 7 ½ horsepower motor ensured that your pots and pans came out as clean as possible.
The Champion was able to accomplish this unequaled level of clean, not just because it had such a powerful motor, but also because of its unique spray arms knife spray design which enabled it to cut through cooked-on stains like no other pot and pan washer could. I have to tell you I was total amazed at just how clean those pots and pans were when they came out the other end.
I also like the fact that the Champion put a lot of thought into safety when they designed this machine. For example, the door has a safety switch that prevents accidental opening while the machine is in operation. In addition, all of the controls are mounted on the front of this machine and the panel is recessed to prevent accidental engaging, or disengaging, commands.
As anyone in the restaurant business can tell you, washing pots and pans can produce a lot of gunk.

Fortunately, the Champion makes capturing and disposing of this gunk easy. The manufacturer wisely decided to locate the refuse collection container on the outside of the machine where it can be easily reached and the gunk easily disposed of.

As I said earlier, this is one powerful machine. So powerful in fact that smaller utensils are subject to be knocked around a pretty good bit; had it not been for the manufacturer’s decision to include this fancy grid to hold them down. This grid keeps smaller pots and pans and utensils from flying around inside the chamber. The guys really had their thinking caps on when they came up with that one.
The chamber in which all the action takes place is a whopping 28 in. around. That is plenty enough room to wash the biggest pots and pans I have at my establishment.

Yep, the Insinger made a pretty good opening statement, but, in the end, it was just overwhelmed by the throng of features the Champion presented. So, I highly recommend the Champion PP 28 pots and pans dishwasher to any restaurateur.


Champion PP-28 Pot WasherCHA-SD-20

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