Stero U-31A vs Champion SD-20

Champion SD-20Every restaurant, cafe, or even diner needs a high quality, professional grade dish washer. No matter how big or small your food and drink business is, it is always essential that you have a dish washer that is heavy duty, easy to operate, powerful enough to handle even the most toughest jobs, and energy efficient enough to cut down on your water, electric, and heating bill. When you have a reliable dish washer, you don’t have to worry about how clean and sanitary your dish ware is, nor do you have to hire more staff to handle cleaning the dish ware. A good dish washer can clean heavy pots and pans until they are sparkling, but it can also clean fragile glasses with breaking or scratching them. It has features that are high tech and effective, yet easy to use and operate. One example of such a dish washer is the Champion brand of dish washer. For over a hundred years, Champion has produced some of the finest dish washers on the market today, and is dedicated to providing quality service for their customers. However, how well does the Champion brand of dish washers fare against other brands? In this article, we will give a review of the Champion SD-20 and Stero U-31A dish washer. We will then compare the two and see which one is the better buy.

The Champion SD-20 Dish Washer

The Champion SD-20 is a small and compact that is easy to install. This powerful work horse of a dish washer is highly energy efficient and is capable of washing and sanitizing different kinds of containers, dish ware, and utensils for food service industries. This stainless steel machine has a heavy duty 7 horse power pump along with a large, 20 pan capacity unit. The Champion SD-20 is easy to load and unload due to its split door, front loading design, while the top half rises and the bottom half folds for a handy, space saving drain table. The dish washer even has a flexible racking system for use with various bake ware and mixing bowls.

Additional features for the Champion SD-20 include a five minute wash and rinse cycle, separate wash and rinse cycles, self contained water heating, digital controls, an easy to remove filter basket, control gauges, maintenance free hub system, and internal heating.

The Stero U-31A Dish Washer

The Stero U-31A dish washer is a heavy duty, two door, push through type single tank dish washer that is made from stainless steel that is fully welded and comes with a front enclosure panel. This dish washer is specially made to clean and rinse dish ware completely without missing any areas; it has a power wash cycle that pumps water and detergent over dishes, while revolving lower and upper wash arms use spray deflectors to produce a unique wash pattern. The dish washer also comes with a door safety lock to prevent injury while the washer is running.

Additional features for the Stero U-31A include a timer, a special control panel that is mounted in a water proof box, four stainless steel racks, a three horse power wash motor, line stainers, magnetic motor starter, and a tank heat switch.
The Stero U-31A vs the Champion SD-20

The Champion SD-20 is of far better quality than the Stero U-31A. Although the Stero U-31A is very durable, it lacks the ease of use and reliability of the Champion washer. The Champion washer has been proven to remove 50% more stuck on food stains than the Stero U-31A and is less likely to damage glassware. The Champion washer is also more energy efficient, and has a higher capacity.


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